List of work:: Music

”Invisible Traces” (2015) – for wind ensemble


Music for solo instruments
”The Stories I left behind, that no one else could ever tell” (2014) – for french horn and string installation
”Objects of sound” (2013) – for Bass or Baritone Saxophone
”Turn back to that point where (you think) you were that day” (2011) – for solo guitar
” – and I was left, standing at the point where the parallels cross” (2012) – for solo obo and EA (4-channels)
”Sakontala – ..und so ist alles gesagt” (2009) – for soprano and electronics


Electro acoustic works
”Do we harmonize or discord?» (2015)
”Tuning my inner ear» (2015)
”Between Landscapes” (2015)
”Thoughts through time” (2015)
”Turn around, but remember which way you came from” (2014)
”Let’s face the reality” (2014)
”Looking for a way to see” (2014)
”Presence – Was…” (2014)
”For fintfolk”(2012)
” Silhuett av en by” (2011)
”You don´t know what they are going to tell you” (2010)
”Hun sitter ikke der lenger” (2009)
”Tilbake til der alt begynte” (2009)
”Blanke ord” (2009)


Chamber music/ smaller ensembles
”Texture of voices I hear from the past” (2013) – for saxophone quartet
”#1 (no words) Stringquartet” (2011) – for 2 metalstands, bicycle wheel and tuned spikes
”Hvor?” (2009) – for voice, vibraphone and doublebass


Music for stage/ performances/ installation
«Echoing I + II» (2016) – interactive sound installation + performance
«Collateral Damage» (2016) – Performance by Signhild Meen Wærsted and Hanna Rohn. Music/Sound: Steinar Yggeseth and Charlotte Piene
«Sound Waves of Inner and Outer Territories» (2016) – interactive sound installation
«Chordoloom» (2015) – An instrument based on a (non-spesific) loom. Performance/installation with Anne Sofie Overgaard.
”Unearth” (2013) – A site specific performance in collaboration with choreograph/ dancer Signhild Meen Wærsted (N) and Sheena Kelly (IE)
”Music for a toilet” (2013) – installation/performance at Akershus Fortress
”Innenfor Bortenfor” – Performance by Signhild Meen Wærsted (dancer/ choreographer), with dancers, musicians and artists. Inside the coboltmines at Blaafarveværket, Modum, May 2009
”Illusjon om et annet liv” – sound installation